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Beijing Capital Normal University

Founded in 1954, Capital Normal University is a comprehensive normal university comprising specialties of liberal arts, science, foreign language, art and etc. Enjoying priority in terms of investment and construction as offered by Beijing Municipality, it is a municipality-level key university covered by " 211 Project". There are 60 postgraduate centers, 26 doctor centers and 4 mobile Stations for Post-doctors, 1 Postdoctoral project, 1 national talent cultivation and scientific research base for fundamental subjects of liberal arts, 1 national cultivation and training base for physical education and art teachers, 1 key research base for humanistic community science for nationwide provincial-level universities, 1 talent cultivation and production, teaching and research base of Beijing Municipality for life sciences.

In the past 49 years since its foundation, Capital Normal University has cultivated and trained more than 70,000 qualified teachers, with its graduates amounting to 57% of the teachers who holds bachelor degree in ordinary middle schools, and occupying 44.1% of all teachers in all key middle schools at city or district levels. It serves as an important base for cultivating qualified teachers for fundamental education in Beijing Municipality and other talents needed by other modernization construction activities.

The university consists of 17 colleges and departments, namely, College of Literature, College of Political Science & Law, College of Foreign Languages, College of Music, College of Fine Arts, College of Education Science, Department of History, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Biology, College of Environmental Resources & Tourism, College of Information Technology, Elementary Education College, Adult Education College, College of International Education. There are 41 specialties open to regular undergraduates, and more than 25,000 students studying on campus, among which 9,522 are full-time four-year and three-year undergraduates, 1,315 graduate students (including graduates and postgraduates), 14,000 adult students and 376 foreign students. There are 2,553 teaching staff members in the university. Among the 1,098 regular teachers, there are 144 professors, 456 associate professors, 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences, 46 tutors of post graduate candidates, 1 member of specialty reviewing group of Academic Degree Commission under the State Council, and 2 commissioners of specialty teaching guidance commission of the National Ministry of Education. Out of these teachers, 179 hold doctor degree and 367 master degrees. The university possesses not only a group of influential experts and scholars already well known both home and abroad, but also a new generation of excellent young teachers who begin to come forth.

Capital Normal University covers an area of about 910 hectares (560,000 sq. ms.), and its overall building area is 580,000 sq. ms.. Equipped with 61 labs of a great variety and 14,638 sets/pieces of teaching and research instrument and equipment, the university has a favorable teaching and research condition. Currently, there are 31 computer rooms, 2,350 computers for students in the university. There are more than 720,000 kinds of literatures and more than 2,200,000 volumes collected in the university library, among which there are nearly 221, 000 volumes of foreign literatures. Owing to its abundant collection, the university library is one of the backbone libraries in terms of documentation and literature collection throughout the country. Meanwhile, the university enthusiastically holds international cultural intercommunion activities, and till now has established intercommunion and cooperation relationship with 57 universities all over the world. Since the reform and opening up to the outside world, the library has received 4,846 visitors from 36 countries and regions, invited and engaged 324 foreign experts. In the same time, it has sent 673 persons to study, give lectures and conduct collaborated research over 25 countries and regions. It turns out to be one of the universities that has been approved by National Ministry of Education to receive foreign students, and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan province.